Why VGA?

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With generations of in-breeding, some genetic diseases are becoming more common. Affected animals can suffer significant reduction in their quality of life and longevity, causing significant heartache to many animal owners. The VGA program was created by veterinarians and provides a way to ensure people are aware of any animals that are affected or carriers of these genetic inflictions. VGA is committed to preventing the propagation of these conditions and promoting health and responsible breeding. To this end VGA will publish population statistics of disease prevalence as the data becomes available.

Many breeders are committed to working towards eliminating diseases, VGA will help recognize their efforts and differentiate them in the market place.

Please Note: Mixed breed dogs can also be affected by these conditions

We would also like to direct you information regarding responsible breeding of pedigree dogs provided by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) - Their role in improving breeding for pedigree dogs is critical.

The position of the
RSPCA here

The Australian Veterinary Association has also contributed to this discussion
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Australia is leading the world with new Victorian legislation. The code requires individuals selling animals with a disease caused by a heritable defect, to advice potential buyers of the animal’s defect status.

Click here to view a copy of the legislation.
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Different organizations recognize animals based on specific criteria that are not necessarily health related. The Veterinary Genetic Assurance (VGA) Certification Program is designed to have HEALTH as its main focus.

The programme also offers breeders an opportunity to demonstrate that they make every effort possible to ensure animals they breed, are clear of genetic or heritable disease.