What Is it?

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The Veterinary Genetic Assurance (VGA) Certification Programme was created to help deliver confidence to the public. Confidence in the knowledge that animals obtained with a VGA certificate, have been vet checked and their DNA tested for a wide range of genetic heritable diseases.

The programme also offers breeders an opportunity to demonstrate that they make every effort to ensure animals they breed, are clear of genetic or heritable disease.

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The programme does not aim to avoid the production of animals which may be affected by a hereditary disease or not be perfect. It is about ensuring all relevant information on health and welfare are made aware of to potential buyers.

VGA Certification and genetic disease test screens are available to all animals. Through their participation in a health-focused program, breeders can design their breeding strategies around generations of accredited animals. This will hopefully lead to the development of healthier generations of animals to come.
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Veterinarians carry out a routine health check, ensure that the animal is identified via positive ID (microchip or approved tattoo scheme) and collect DNA for testing - allowing the potential owner or buyer to be aware of any potential genetic health and welfare issues.