Pedigree Dogs

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VGA certification is provided FREE of charge for any breeder that screens their breed for genetic disease, complies with their club's health regulation (such as litter registration limitations) and DNA profiles their breeding stock (assume vet check and microchipping)

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VGA Compulsory Requirements

1. Microchip Certificate

2. Veterinarian examination Report - view sample

3. DNA test results - This must include an ID DNA profile and relevant diseases for the breed and a DNA profile - View Breed specific information

* Further information may be required to comply with individual breed club health requirements
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Vet Recommendations

ACES - Recognized eye screening program - certain breeds only

CHEDS for hips and/or Elbows - certain breeds only

Heart assessment Scheme - Coming Soon

Obedience (CD, CDX) and Utility (UD) accreditation - testimony of behavior and socialization traits.