How does the VGA Program Work ?

The 3 documents below are required for VGA certification.

The VGA operates on a cost recovery basis - any surplus is donated to genetic research.

VGA Certificate generally cost $25.00, litter and volume discounts apply - please
contact us.

VGA certificates are free for all pedigree dog breeders complying with their individual club's litter registrations' requirements

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DNA Disease Screen Report

The genetic screening works via a simple cheek swab which is used to collect DNA. It will be used to carry out a number of genetic screens in an accredited laboratory based on breeds and/or a full genetic screen for any unrecognized breeds.

Click here to see the list of genetic diseases tested

DNA samples are stored for any future testing and are used for any referencing in the future.
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Positive identification

and ownership confirmation are essential to ensure animals tested are indeed who they are claimed to be.

A vet must scan the animal and identify it the by the microchip number

A copy of a microchip certificate is required for VGA certification.
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Veterinary Report

focuses on a routine clinical examination. This one page report can be filled at the time of vaccination, microchipping or any other vet consultation.

It focuses on detection of common heritable conditions of which no tests are yet available.

Click here to see sample report

Pedigree dogs breeders are encouraged to seek approval of health schemes specific to their breed - Click here to see more breed-specific information (coming soon).

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VGA will educate all key stakeholders on the program and is a key focus of the program’s success. It will create awareness of the benefit to potential animal buyers. We have created a transparent database - All users/breeders will be listed on the VGA web site.